MBID International

International Interior Design Instruction


International-Interior-Design-Educators-4We are currently offering interior design instruction in Guangzhou, China.  The students shown are design consultants who work for Markor Home Furnishings.  These design consultants have been specially chosen to receive this training and will complete 88 hours of intensive study in two weeks.  They are currently learning all about selecting and coordinating fabrics, colors, and patterns.  They are also learning about the latest international design trends and how to recognize out-of-date features.International-Interior-Design-Educators-1


One of the exercises is learning about hue, saturation and value of color by mixing paints to
produce the complex colors found in fabrics.   The  images below show Madge demonstrating mixing and testing colors.  The images showing fabrics laid out on chairs shows the students’ work, selecting and coordinating prints, geometrics, and plush solids.

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