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Your Favorite Place

Life is challenging. You deserve a getaway to Your Favorite Place® EVERY DAY!

Your Favorite Place®, where you can breath again, where solutions to problems seem more clear, troubles fade away…

  • Design a lifestyle you don’t need to escape- but  IS your escape.
  • Design a lifestyle of WELLNESS
  • Design a lifestyle that inspires and equips you to face life with INTENTION, PASSION, and COMPASSION.

With Your Favorite Place® transform the lifestyle of the people in YOUR HOME | YOUR HOTEL | or YOUR INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY 

Don’t settle for a remodel, transform your lifestyle with Your Favorite Place®

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The Method | The Magazine | The Store


Greensboro Interior Designer Mary Elizabeth Beal

Your Favorite Place® Method:

Your Favorite Place® is the signature method of interior design developed by Mary Elizabeth Beal of MBID International, Inc.





Your Favorite Place® Magazine:

In a time where so much is mass produced and duplicated, people see a photo of a completed space and forget real people, with real stories, and real hopes and dreams are attached to our work. We want to tell those stories that inspire our designs. It’s not just talking about design; it’s talking about the human experience. The stories make design come alive.



Your Favorite Place® Store: 

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