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Your Favorite Place

It’s not a room remodel it’s a lifestyle makeover.

The Method: Your Favorite Place® is the signature method of interior design developed by Mary Elizabeth Beal of MBID International, Inc.


Greensboro Interior Designer Mary Elizabeth Beal“The most frequent question I am ever asked is what is my design style.  People want to know if the spaces I design are traditional or modern, formal or casual, neutral or colorful.  While many talented designers find great success branding a signature look, for over 20 years I have been developing and testing a different approach,” says Beal. “I’m not designing a place for me, but one that I hope will become Your Favorite Place®.”

Her proprietary technique guides strategic decisions and selections, enhances the client experience during the design process, and ultimately delivers an end result that more precisely fits each client or location.

“I have developed a unique strategic process that enables me to gather key data about you as my client.  I study everything from personalities, interests, fears, and dreams to daily habits, organizational methods, and motivational drivers.  I combine the information I gather with tried and true design principles and knowledge,” continues Beal, who earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the School of Architecture at the University of Florida, is NCIDQ certified, and is a professional member of ASID.

Raleigh Interior Designer Cary Interior Designer Chapel Hill Interior Designer Durham Interior Designer“The end result is a place that captures the essence of who you were, who you are, and who you hope to become. It is a place that inspires, motivates, relaxes, and increases efficiency, health, energy, organization, and joy.  For commercial clients, that place will better promote your image, and brand.”

She continues, “Why spend money, time and deal with the hassles of travel to get to the place you love most only once or twice a year? I will re-design your home or business or a room in your home or business into a place you can’t wait to drive to every day.  Your Favorite Place® will change your life. It’s not a room remodel it is a lifestyle makeover.”

Click here to learn how MBID International designer Mary Elizabeth Beal is using Your Favorite Place® to improve client wellness.




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