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Mary-Elizabeth-Beal-Top-Greensboro-NC-Interior-Designer-International-Interior-DesignerMBID designer Mary Elizabeth Beal was recently interviewed by North Carolina Homes. Read the full article below or click here to view the original posting.

Interior Design that Fits Your Lifestyle and Personality:

We interviewed Mary Elizabeth Beal of MBID International, Inc. (Megliola Beal Interior Design, Inc.) to learn more about interior design and how to get it to fit your lifestyle and personality. Content: Mary Elizabeth Beal is a professional interior designer with almost 15 years of experience working in the trade. MBID International, Inc. (Megliola Beal Interior Design, Inc.) is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and offers residential and commercial interior design services throughout the state as well as for international clientele.

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

My desire for each client is to design a space for them that is not just a beautiful space, but one that changes their life. I help clients improve their life through the implementation of an improved design of their home or business by offering a custom personalized aesthetic, quality products and craftsmanship, and dynamic solutions tailored to client’s specific needs and lifestyle. A client’s level of investment is in their control. MBID offers complete turnkey services to busy clients who value their time are seeking a professional to handle all phases for them. MBID also offers a la carte options and even an option to simply help clients filter their thinking for clients that want to be more involved but are seeking a trusted and knowledgeable adviser.

Can you briefly talk about the importance of matching the way your home is decorated with your lifestyle and personality?

This is not just important, this is why I am in business and is why clients hire me vs one of my competitors. In the beginning, new clients are often concerned with understanding my aesthetic as a designer. This is understandable, as that is how many interior designers prefer to operate. They have a certain look or image they expect to achieve with any project they take on. So there is always a bit of a learning curve early on as clients learn that my goal is to truly get to know them, their lifestyle, their personality… and even if the client can verbalize or visualize how they want their space to look, understanding what makes them happy, what gives them energy, what helps them rest, what brings them comfort (or even more importantly what makes them uncomfortable) goes a long way towards ensuring a successful end result. Yes, I have extensive training and years of experience so all of my spaces incorporate good design practices of scale, balance, and aesthetics combined with an understanding of universal codes and guidelines that are designed and tested for a client’s well being… and I do offer clients my opinion about what I believe will or won’t work in their space. However, the reality is no 2 projects of mine look the same, because I am not designing for myself- I am designing for that client and each client is unique.

What’s the first step you would take to create this type of interior design?

I always like to offer a 1 hour complimentary consultation to any brand new clients. In this initial session I do review the scope of work, but I my main goal in this meeting is to get to know the client.

What are the most important aspects of personality and lifestyle that should be factored into interior design?

Even if the client can verbalize or visualize how they want their space to look, understanding what makes them happy, what gives them energy, what helps them rest, what brings them comfort (or even more importantly what makes them uncomfortable) goes a long way towards insuring a successful end result.

Is there anything that people don’t normally consider when it comes to redecorating their house that they should consider?

Did you know that the spaces you live in/work in have a direct impact on the quality of your life? Did you know that the function, organization, furniture scale and placement, lighting and even the colors and textures can affect your mood, attitude, and in some cases your health?

What advice do you have for a household where the members have personalities and lifestyles that aren’t necessarily the same?

If there are other members of the household that are going to ultimately have a say so in the final design decisions, or if they will be directly impacted by any design decisions… I prefer to have them present at the first meeting. It is always best if I can meet all members of the family- including children and pets- to get a feel for each individual personality, as well as to see how various members of the household interact with each other. Obviously I can’t understand everything in just one short hour, but the more involvement I have with the family and the longer we work together- the need for revisions reduce and the more excited everyone becomes with not just the end result but the entire design process.

What’s the best way for people to contact you and your company?

I can be emailed at M.E.Beal@MegliolaBeal.com, the company website is www.megliolabeal.com and the phone number for the office is 336.286.3441

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