MBID International

Additional Subcontracted Team Members

We customize a dedicated design team according to the needs of each client. Who and how many team members are assigned is decided on a per project basis and that team remains involved until the successful completion of that project.

  • Additional interior designers, design assistants, architectural and construction service providers, project managers, and custom fabrication work rooms are frequently hired as needed for larger projects.
  • This group of professionals is not independent vendors and subs that we farm out work to.  They are a group vital team members that we have vetted and tested for years and they contribute significantly to the success of every MBID project.
  • A full time MBID staff member (designer and/or project manager) is always assigned as the team leader as well as the point of contact with our client.
  • The flexibility of our loyal and enthusiastic outsourced team allows us to be large enough take on significant projects like “the big firms”… but still be intimately involved with each project and develop strong lasting relationships with our clients.