MBID International

Direct Client Feedback

The colors are just beautiful!  Thank You!

– Francis

…Wonderful job working with my wife on getting my daughter a new room design.  My daughter’s first reaction was “I love it, I love it so much!”

– David

I cannot begin to express my thanks for all your work on our beautiful mountain house… It is truly everything I could have hoped for – casual and comfortable but elegant and refined.

– Debbie

I worked with Mary Elizabeth Beal and she was wonderful! Our first meeting was free of charge and she did about an hour overview of our home, getting my thoughts and explaining all about the company and how the process works. Once we signed the agreement to have her continue (we only pay for the services we ask for), Mary Elizabeth came back and spent about 3 hours talking colors and design. She was very patient and didn’t push anything. She gave us 3D computerized drawings of her thoughts for the master bedroom and later sent some suggestions for the master bath. The plan is ours whether we wish to have it done by ourselves or with the help of Megliola Interior Design. We have had all the painting done with the colors she suggested and it looks wonderful. I never would have believed how this would come together, but it looks great. Having an open plan is really not too easy when it comes to colors and we didn’t want the entire downstairs all one color. Her suggestions far outweighed our expectations. We have her design ideas for the master and master bath, but probably won’t get to it until next year. In the meantime, we can try to put some things together ourselves or utilize Megliola Interior Design to help us complete our room. Either way, the design is for us to keep. Hiring them was well worth the money.

– Mary

Thanks so much for all your help in helping us make our home beautiful.  We’re thrilled with all we’ve done.

– Patti

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