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The Story Behind Your Stuff: Spring 2017 Winners

Mary Elizabeth Beal Greensboro Interior Designer“In a time where so much is mass produced and duplicated, people see a photo of a completed space and forget real people, with real stories, and real hopes and dreams are attached to our work. We want to tell those stories that inspire our designs. It’s not just talking about design; it’s talking about the human experience. The stories make design come alive.”

– Mary Elizabeth Beal

**All “The Story Behind Your Stuff” contest winner stories are written by the product designers/artists in their own words so their voice and personality shine.




16 steps

Scott Harris

*Our Your Favorite Place© Magazine Spring 2017 video features Scott sharing the process behind one of his aluminum art paintings. Watch Here

“Each piece of art that you see with my signature on the bottom is not merely a product of some sort of skill or talent. Each piece is representative of numerous conversations with friends that have encouraged me, and now me and my wife. Friends and loved ones who have helped us stay on track when the track wasn’t looking how we hoped”… Read More

shellrummelsandstoneShell Rummel

“A decade passed in the blink of an eye. And as my time became mine once again, I realized how much I was missing the creative parts of myself, long buried away.”… Read More







Venice Murano Designs

“Fast forward a decade. I’d spent most of my life in various creative fields, as a professional musician and a music teacher. However, at this point in my life something seemed missing. As an art lover I felt I needed to be closer to tangible creations, and even perhaps play a role myself in the creative process. I didn’t want to give up my music, but sought to find a balance between these artistic mediums. After some months of soul searching and contemplating, it happened”… Read More

Beth_Colletti_Jasmine_TeaBeth Colletti

“Empty.  Spent.  Burned out. What had begun as an exciting opportunity to work for a growing nonprofit, making a difference in the lives of others, had become exactly the thing that left me feeling like I had nothing more to give. And no desire to give it. As with most important work, the needs were never-ending. Yet I wanted to give myself to meaningful work.”…Read More







Blue FlowerLydia Tjia

“The thought of not having anyone to chauffeur, no lesson plans, and no scheduling both excite and scare me. Life as I know it is about to change when my youngest graduates from high school in a few years. When I first had these thoughts a few years ago, I began praying and asking God for direction. Change is always uncomfortable but I also believe that if we walk in His way, we will step into any new challenges with joy and excitement. Sometimes, I dread the journey through an unfamiliar path, but Isaiah tells me that I will “go out in joy and be led forth in peace” (Is. 55:12, NIV). Not only that: The “mountains and hills will burst into song” and “all the trees of the field will clap their hands” (Is. 55:12, NIV). Even Creation is cheering me on!”… Read More




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